About Lovehandles

Developed from the earlier show Hello, I Love You, Lovehandles was cast for three men and two women playing multiple roles in various kinds of love relationships. A full evening of theater, the show reworked material used previously, but it also contained many new songs and segments. The material is sophisticated and often sexual. However, the show contains neither profanity nor nudity, and many of the sexual references are humorous rather than graphic. In addition to the exploration of more obvious love relationships, the show occasionally turns serious and addresses poignantly such issues as child abuse, racism, and the challenges facing those who lose loved ones to death.

Lovehandles played at the Savannah Music Festival and Hollywood's Cinegrill.
The productions were directed by Duff Harris, coached vocally by Peter Bugel, orchestrated by Dennis Thurmond with costumes visuals by Jonathan Christopher Reynolds III. The actors were David Carpenter; Robert Kane, Gwendolyn Lytle, Reid Prescott, and Kathy Wagner. Scored for two synthesizers and piano, the musicians who played these productions were synthisists Sung Hwa Park and Dennis
Thurmond and pianists Stewart Gordon and Dennis Thurmond.

Outline of the Show

Opening: "Love Is…" cast

Puppy Love

"Close To My Heart"
"Someone is in Love With Me"
"It All Belongs To You"


"The Action"
"Time and Again"
"My Guy"
"Waiting for Someone"
"Don't Look for Love"
"If You Pass Me By"
"The Sting of Love"
"Hunky Number"
"Time and Again" (partial reprise)


"Rock Mah, Baby"
"I'm Too Old"
"Love Takes a Little Time"
"It's All Over But the Cryin'"



"Dirty Toys"
"Telephone Sex"

The Seven Deadly Sins
"I'm In Love" (Pride)
"You Turn Me On" (Lust)
"People Need Help" (Greed)
Restaurant sequence (Gluttony)
Italian operatic
Fast Food
"An Even Chance" (Envy)
"Time Is Just the Blinking of an Eye (Sloth)
"Oh, It's Easy to Hate" (Anger)

Enduring Love

"Baby, No Way"
"Hello, I Love You"
"There's Not Enough Time"
"A Time To Remember"
"Other Worlds"

Finale: "Love is…"

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