About Hello, I Love You

The development of this musical was made possible by a grant from the University of Maryland Creative and Performing Arts program. A review-type semi-cabaret show, it had no book, but told short stories through segments of linking together several songs. Cast with three men and three women, it focused on various types of love relationships. The show was presented in two 45 minute acts, so it was almost a full evening. It was the forerunner of Lovehandles, a show that uses the same concept, developing material used here more fully, and adding about 30% new material. Hello, I Love You ran for two months on campus (weekend performances) and was picked up by a cabaret singer Linda Cordray and her husband who ran a club in Georgetown. It ran there as a Sunday brunch for three months in the fall. Reviews were fine for both productions. Song material and segments can be accessed by using the Lovehandles link.