About Aunt Polly

With an original story line and book by the late Blake Leach, this musical utilizes Mark Twain characters. As the show opens, Tom Sawyer's Aunt Polly is being mourned at a funeral with the song "What Can You Say About Polly?" Suddenly Aunt Polly herself pops up out of the casket, having played on Tom, Huck, and others the same trick that Tom played on her in the Twain book. A more mature young man than in Twain's book when the show opens, Tom is courting Becky. Aunt Polly herself begins a flirtation with the now widowed Judge Thatcher, singing "The New Me." These two romances and Huck's incessant quest for adventure in far away places drive the plot of the show. There is a nostalgic front porch scene in which "Swinging" is sung. There is an encounter with a women's temperance group who sing a rousing march "Bang the Drum" The show includes a fourth of July picnic with a rousing fireworks number, later paraphrased into a virtuoso piano piece. A touch of mystery and adventure are added when Tom and Huck discover Injun Joe's treasure in a cave. Aunt Polly spooks them during the adventure with a song called "Legend." The show has several charming or nostalgic scenes, but the plot line lacks significant tension, so that the overall theatrical effect is one of a pleasant, but innocuous show.