The Poetry of Guanetta Gordon

Songs of the Wind - 70 poems in 12 parts, each for a month of the year
McGregor & Werner
Washington, D. C., 1953
  "Poetry is an intimate introspection and the poet must use a personal approach to the subject with the idea of a universal appeal to others, who have all experienced love, grief, loneliness, hope, and expectancy."  


"Paradox" - a hymn to the moon
"Cathedral in the Rain" - ode to a war-torn cathedral

Under the Rainbow Arch - a collection of 106 poems

Windfall Press, Chicago, 1963

  "Follow the wind to poet land, where puddles along
the road have rainbow remnants floating a la mode."


"Gypsy Fortune" - an encounter with fortune telling
"New Wicks for old Lamps" - a reflection on llife's meaning


Petals from the Moon- 65 poems in five parts

Petals from the Moon, Sickle Moon, Three Quarters Disc,

Hunter's Moon, Full Cycle.

The Golden Quill Press, Francestown, New Hampshire,1971


"The Dream Reaper" - a woman learns her husband has been
killed in Viet Nam (winner of The World Poetry Society's
Distinguished Service Citation)
"Night of the Soul" - a woman's agony as she becomes blind.


Shadow Within the Flame - 63 poems in 4 parts

Dawn, Noon Cycle, Dusk, Moonrise.

The Golden Quill Press, Francestown, New Hampshire, 1973
  "Look deep into the flame of destiny where dreams interlace with life"


"Ride the Tempest" - the exhilaration of riding a surf board, the rhythm, the spray combined with physical motion, and ultimately, the challenge it represents in all of life.
"Fringe of Holly" - two lovers separated by the Berlin Wall, each living in a different world, waiting, with little hope that they can ever marry.

Above Rubies: Women of the Bible The Golden Quill press, Francestown, New Hampshire, 1976
  a tour de force in character insight through poetry; deals with 25 women in scriptures with Biblical references for each; represented are Eve, Lot's Wife, Sarah, Hagar, Rebekah, Leah, Rachel, Jochebed, Zipporah, Miriam, Rahab, Deborah, Delilah, Ruth, Hannah, Abishag, Bathsheba, Makeda-Queen of Sheba, Esther, Mary (at Bethleham), Elisabeth, Salome, Mary of Bethany, Nalda-Woman of Samaria, Mary (at the Foot of the Cross), Mary Magdalene (at the sepulcher)  
"To you
who live beyond
death's veil I send my love
an incense, heavenward, to weld
the bond."
Red are the Embers - published a year after the death of the author's husband of 56 years, this volume of 152 poems is divided into 7 parts: Pleasures, Places, Past, People, Paradox, Personal, Then Suddenly. The Golden Quill Press Francestown, New Hampshire, 1980

"Let the inner flame be fed with splendor that love may live as embers."



"Step Back Through Time" - grandmother's point of view
"Pussycat Viewpoint" - humor from a feline perspective

A Time of Destiny - a volume of 127 poems, many new and some previously published works; the author's recapitulation of her poetic career; divided into six sections. In the author's own words "according to the cycle of life: childhood (Seedlings), youth (Saplings), adults (Species), the war
years (Clouds of Suspense), the elders (Sandalwood), and a finale of laughter which I call Leprechauns."

The Golden Quill Press Francestown, New Hampshire, 1987


my heart
will start its flight
towards God's eternity…
how thin the veil that separates
two worlds"


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